My training and experience 

In terms of my training and experience, when I first went to University in my late teens I obtained a BA in Philosophy and Sociology.  I really enjoyed studying different theories about meaning and fulfilment, about freedom, and about “being”.  It also helped me to gain more understanding about people, about how they interact and what sorts of difficulties they face.

After travelling around New Zealand and Australia in my early 20’s I realised that the kind of work I definitely wanted to do was listening to people and helping them to feel better about themselves. I knew this from a very early age to be honest, but think I needed to experience more of “life” before I was absolutely sure.  I then decided to come back to the UK to obtain a counselling qualification (a BTEC professional development certificate) which further confirmed my chosen career path for me.  From then I chose to study for my BSc in Psychology (part time) while working in mental health at the same time.

Working with adults with moderate to severe mental health difficulties taught me a great deal, and gave me the invaluable experience of working with all kinds of psychological challenges.  One of the most valuable things I learned was the importance of the therapeutic relationship and confirmed for me that I really was happiest in a role where I could listen to people. learn about their lives, and also empower them to help themselves.

I then went on to work in a “psychological wellbeing practitioner” role with the NHS which involved studying to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Advice.  This was an intense course which included both academic and practical skills assessments.  Ever since then I have been helping people with mild to moderate psychological difficulties, to cope more effectively with the demands of life.  I help people to work out what they need to do for their own wellbeing, which often helps them to feel better straight away.  At the same time I offer motivation and encouragement to help people build those more helpful resources into their lives.

Since training to offer hypnotherapy more recently (with Hypnotherapy Training International, London) I am now a huge advocate of this therapy method.  It just feels like the least painful and most direct (and quickest!) route to helping people overcome their psychological difficulties.  However I still really value the importance of talking therapies in general, and believe (as evidence has shown) that the therapeutic relationship is the key feature in any therapy.


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