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by Victoria on Synergy Wellbeing
Best Result Ever!!!

I had my first ever EFT session last week. I must admit that I did go into this alternative therapy with a somewhat skeptical view which was swiftly debunked after the therapist took me through the process in a very logical way. The process used was easy to understand and I felt the energy releases throughout my body as I tapped out years of negative thoughts. At the end of the session I felt a sense of calm and the negative destructive thought patterns I had learned were dissolved. I thoroughly recommend this type of therapy after years of struggling with an issue which had a negative impact in my life I feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. Go do it now!

Having pretty much been housebound for about 4 or 5 years I decided to give Hypnotherapy a go with Liz. After my first session I walked out of there feeling so calm and relaxed, so much so my husband commented on how different I looked. My journey home that day was the first journey I had taken completely anxiety free for years. I chose to follow up with some EFT, I have absolutely no idea how this can work on somebody who has suffered so long with panic and anxiety but it does! If you are thinking of doing this please just do it! Liz is a beautiful soul who makes you feel at ease.


I had worked with fantastic Liz with a hypnotherapy session and we agreed that some EFT would be beneficial for my phobia and anxiety as a follow up. I hadn't heard of EFT before but Liz explained it really easily and we gave it a go - amazing! I can't quite explain how it works but it does - I could literally feel my residual anxiety draining away as we went through the process. It's a valuable piece in my toolkit now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this - trust the process and you will be amazed by the results I'm sure - your brain and body will thank you. I am so impressed by Liz and confident in her methods that I have said to my colleagues that if they go to see her and don't get results I will cover the cost of their session myself! If you are considering EFT please give it a go - Liz is a warm and caring person, she put me totally at ease and I felt supported during and after the session.

by Daniel on Synergy Wellbeing

Having got to know Liz through her hypnotherapy work I was intrigued when we discussed her EFT service. I went into the session with very little knowledge and came out delighted with the results.EFT with Liz is a gentle and rewarding experience and we set about working with the inner situations we'd chosen to focus on. At all stages I felt supported and totally confident in Liz as I learned the application of EFT and almost immediately was rewarded with the calming benefits.If you're looking for a technique you can apply, and support yourself with, then under Liz's expert guidance EFT is a wonderful method to use.

by Sorcha Bridge on Synergy Wellbeing

I did a session with Liz on this technique which I haven't heard of before and I was very curious about how it could work ? but it was so simply brilliant. My core worry has been about my subconscious beliefs about myself so we knew exactly what to target and as we went through the process with the statement and tapping on the points, each time we repeated the process the problem physically became less and less .. it's so simple yet so brilliant and effective ... I went in feeling knotted up, anxious and stressed and came out feeling very calm and accepting .. I would fully recommend Liz and this technique.

by Marianne on Synergy Wellbeing
A revelation!

I hadn't heard much about EFT before deciding to give it a go. I was at the 'try anything' stage having struggled with the negative effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for just over a year. I was finding the emotional symptoms particularly difficult, regularly finding myself feeling anxious, angry and frustrated.At my appointment, my therapist Liz explained exactly how EFT works and guided me through the technique. I was amazed that something so simple was making a difference so quickly! My treatment left me feeling relaxed and in control of my emotions. One of the best things is that now I know the technique I can use it whenever I need to to help self-manage my condition.Liz really put me at ease during the appointment, she is warm, friendly and incredibly knowledgable, I can't recommend her highly enough. I'm so happy I gave this a go!

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