We are often perfectly (and consciously) aware of what we want to do, or how we want to think, but the reason we struggle to put that into practice is because our sub-conscious self is calling the shots.  This is the way we were designed to operate, and our subconscious mind is a hugely powerful tool, but more often than not, it gets stuck with unhelpful messages and ideas.

While our conscious mind is our rational, logical mind, our subconscious is the emotional, intuitive, less rational part of us. So if our subconscious has absorbed unhelpful messages (from childhood, for example) then we will be in a constant battle between what we WANT to do consciously, and what our sub-conscious is DRIVING us to do, to help us “feel” better in that moment. For example, staying on the sofa instead of going to the gym, or eating that piece of cake instead of sticking to our healthy eating plan.

At first this knowledge can seem frustrating, but the fantastic thing is, if we can get our subconscious self on board with our conscious wishes, then nothing can stand in our way! This is what hypnosis can help with. One of the most effective ways to update what’s in our subconscious mind is through hypnosis. We can even use self hypnosis on a daily basis, to help our subconscious mind to absorb more positive, helpful messages.

Our subconscious is designed to help us, not to hinder us, so the key is to feed it with lots of empowering and helpful suggestions.  The reason affirmations often don’t work is because we are “feeding” them to our conscious mind only, and our subconscious self is not yet in agreement.  In a state of deep relaxation, we can access our subconscious mind and really let it know what we want it to do for us. What wonderful news.


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