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by Wendy on Synergy Wellbeing
Exam Stress

I took my daughter to see Liz in the run up to her GCSEs when it became apparent the only thing standing in the way of success in her exams was her own level of stress which was spiralling out of control at that time. Even her friends were saying they weren't sure how she was going to get through them! From our first Skype call with Liz, she put my daughter at ease and assured her she could help with a hypnotherapy session. I sat in on that session, Liz was so lovely with her and I know for a fact it worked. If you were to ask my (teenage) daughter how it went she would probably shrug and say she doesn't know, but from that day I could see her stress levels dropped to almost nothing. She applied herself to her revision and suddenly had faith in her own learning ability. It was a subtle change - no big drama or light bulb moments just a gentle shift in her mindset that carried her up to and through the exams. I'm proud to say I know Liz helped as my daughter passed all 10 GCSEs. So for anyone who finds themselves stressed, or for any parents with stressed out children, if you are thinking of hypnotherapy, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Liz Davies.

by Martin Carl on Synergy Wellbeing
Interview Confidence

Due to a recent traumatic interview I felt my confidence was at an all time low and I also began to find that I was succumbing to huge swathes of anxiety when thinking about and planning for my next one. My wife suggested that I contact Liz just to give my confidence a pick-up or boost. So, we met, discussed the issue and Liz guided me through an EFT session to help quell anxiety (which worked remarkably!) as well as hypnotherapy in anticipation of my upcoming interview. I can't explain why or how however, when the interview came - I exuded confidence, I felt great and feel that somehow Liz gave me the ability to actually be me in the meeting without the nerves and negativity. I can not thank her enough, I don't know if I have got the job yet and to be honest, that's not the point. What is the point, is that Liz gave me my mojo back.Thank you!

by Sorcha Bridge on Synergy Wellbeing

I've had a very positive Hypnotherapy session with Liz recently.Liz has a wonderful way of taking me very quickly to a deep state of relaxation allowing the sub-conscious to take over. We discussed at length the areas I wanted to work on prior to the session then Liz beautifully weaved these into positive statements of intent within our session .. I felt positive and alive after our session and also felt like I have a better understanding of myself and how I operate. I would strongly recommend Liz's hypnotherapy to anyone. She has a very caring and gentle manner ..


So without reason around 18 months ago I started getting random anxiety attacks which progressed into full grown panic attacks whenever I woke up during the night. Anyone who has had a proper panic attack will know they are not pleasant. And what makes them more frustrating is that there seems to be no apparent reason for them. I managed to control the anxiety and attacks over time but would get the occasional nights where I would wake up and feel the onset of an attack but would manage to control it to a certain extent through various techniques.I found out about Liz through a mutual friend and rang her up for a quick chat about whether she thought she could help me or not.After a good half hour chat it was obvious that Liz knew her stuff and that she could definitely help me out, I booked an appointment there and then.To cut a long story short the appointment was amazing, Liz is the consumate professional and the extent of her knowledge is quite apparent while talking to her.We chatted through mindfulness at first and then we completed some hypnotherapy and the root cause of the problem was found and solved in one session.An eye opening experience and I could not recommend Liz more highly.Thank you.

by Faith Windsor on Synergy Wellbeing
Amazing results

So any one who has had the 'pleasure of being around me when I attempt giving up fags knows too well that I'm a literal NIGHTMARE to be around 😫Well, the literally amazing Liz Davies hypnotised me last week - well some kind of next level voodoo as frankly I've not smoked despite hideous work nightmares, night out on the fizz and meals out... But mostly I've given up with a HUGE smile on my face and genuinely excited to do so... I honestly think this is the time I'm doing it for good 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬If you are near Brighton and want to ditch the fags... I would HIGHLY recommend xxx

by Adam Batchelor on Synergy Wellbeing
Life changing

I saw Liz to try and fix my sleeping problems. I struggled to sleep properly for the last 2 years and as a result I had become very reliant on taking over the counter sleeping tablets. Liz was very confident and I felt really comfortable through out the session. It was a very professional and friendly experience. After one session I'm pleased to say I've been sleeping properly and haven't taken a sleeping tablet since! Amazing! Thank you Liz.

by Richard Melrose on Synergy Wellbeing
Enjoyable experience that worked.

I have been in contact with Liz in relation to train as a hypnotherapist but wanted to experience it before I take on the training. So, with this in mind, I arranged with Liz to look at her stop smoking package. She programmed me in for the session which involved phone contact prior to the meeting. On the day, I was greeted by a woman with a confident and reassuring smile who straight away, put me at ease. Liz guided me through every aspect of being hypnotised and, come the start of the session, I was fully prepared. The whole experience was extremely well run and Liz's soft voice, helped enhance the outcome. So, from a packet a day man, I have now cut down to 0, nil, none and all thanks to Liz.
I can not recommend Synergy Wellbeing highly enough.

by Tracey fulbrook on Synergy Wellbeing
Lovely person, amazing experience

I have seen Liz twice for two separate things for which I needed help with, and it has been a brilliant experience each time. Liz is professional and friendly with just the right amount of empathy and is always keen to help. I have felt amazing after each session and the results are amazing too. Both of my problems for which I have seen Liz, people have tried unsuccessfully to help me with and they are things which I have carried around for many years, and Liz is the only person who has been successful. Big big thanks to this wonderful amazing woman, whom I highly recommend. Thank you again Liz, you've worked wonders 🙂 x

by Tracey on Synergy Wellbeing
Wonderful experience!!

I was slightly apprehensive about going along to my session and wondered if hypnosis would benefit me. After just one session with Liz I can honestly say that, yes, it works!

When I contacted Liz she then telephoned back to talk about what I wanted to get out of the session; she came across as a very professional and caring lady.
When I met Liz, she put my mind at rest with her friendly and very positive attitude and she talked through what would happen during the session. I had regression hypnotherapy and have come away feeling thoroughly rejuvenated. I wish I had sought her help years ago. I would recommend Liz, her hypnotherapy sessions are worth every penny.
Thank you so much Liz x

by Simon on Synergy Wellbeing
Fear of Public Speaking

I was asked to speak at a public event for work and I was extremely stressed about it. I had quite a bit of anxiety in relation to public speaking, and experienced the fight or flight sensation when in the spotlight. I turned to Liz to help me deal with it.

On a conscious level I was fairly comfortable with speaking. Liz spoke to my annoying subconscious through hypnotherapy and was able to allay those irrational fears and tackle the anxiety.

I spoke at the public event and amazingly, for the first time, felt OK. The talk went really well, with no sweaty palms, no racing heart, and I was actually able to focus on delivering the talk.

Thanks Liz you're amazing!

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