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Peaceful place relaxation review.

Peaceful place relaxation review.

We contacted Liz a couple of weeks ago for hypnotherapy help for our teenage son. He has for some years suffered from very severe anxiety to the extent that he is physically sick every morning, unable to eat for days on end and withdraws from most things in life.

The added complication is that he is also diagnosed with Asperger syndrome which makes day to day life that little bit more difficult for him so adding in severe anxiety was making his life pretty unhappy.
Up to this point, we had tried many different approaches to cope with his anxiety since early days of senior school but this latest episode (he's now at college) had us beat. All the normal techniques drew blanks and he was falling deeper into severe anxiety.

I turned to Liz (who is a truly rare breed of person) who has been so, so helpful from the very first email. I spoke to her about the issues and symptoms and she suggested trying this audio file to get an idea of how suggestible our son was to hypnotherapy techniques. Yes, I was sceptical about it, after all, how can listening to an audio file stop someone who is feeling physically ill with anxiety from feeling that way?
The first time he listened to it he didn't get all the way through it before falling asleep for a couple of hours (feeling refreshed when he came downstairs). He was still mighty anxious but second time he listened to it (when he went to bed) he did get to the end and slept through the night waking later than normal the following morning. Over the following four or five days, he was so much more relaxed, the deep rooted anxiety had really subsided, he looks and feels far happier and so more comfortable (eating sleeping, not being sick) and looking forward to his mocks.

By the time of our earlier arranged consultation with Liz, our son had gone from a position of 'off the scale' levels of anxiety to, in his owns words 1 or 2 out of ten.

Throughout this, Liz couldn't have been more helpful or made herself any more available (evenings, weekends), she was an email away with advice and reassurance for us all the time.

I've listened to the audio file several times myself (just so I can be aware and talk to my son about the contents and, have to say, even though I wasn't in a bad place, having listened to it, felt very relaxed and refreshed by the end.

The last thing to say about this audio file is that it's less than the price of most takeaways so if you're suffering like our son has, have a sandwich instead of a takeaway and try it.

Amazing - highly recommended!

The peaceful place hypnosis is amazing! So thoroughly relaxing, and I felt really refreshed afterwards too. It gives you a technique that you can use all throughout the day as well, I have even taught it to my children and they love it!

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