Liz Davies

 Why Choose Synergy Wellbeing? 

Liz has worked in mental health and wellbeing for nearly 15 years and therefore has vast experience in understanding people’s problems and helping them to feel better. Her natural empathy and caring nature shine through as soon as you meet her.

Liz has a Psychology BSc Degree , a Post Graduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing, a counselling qualification and a very patient listening ear.

In addition, since qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Liz’s results have ranged between brilliant and astounding, with feedback always being a positive 5 stars.

Liz truly believes in the power of hypnotherapy as a tool to heal or help the subconscious mind, and her warm and kind manner will have you feeling safe and relaxed within the first few minutes of the session. If you have any fears or anxieties at all, she will immediately put you at ease and will never make you do or experience anything that you’re not happy with.

Liz is passionate about helping people and feels that it’s her life’s purpose to teach people how to enhance their happiness, wellbeing and help themselves to heal whenever and wherever possible.

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If you are interested in Liz’s Online Self Hypnosis Course, you can find out more and sign up here.

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