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I visited Liz at end of the summer 2016 for my first ever QHHT session. I had spoken to a friend in the summer who had taken part in a past life regression session and was fascinated by the stories that they were telling me of their experience. I was experiencing a series of intense dreams myself at the time and felt that somehow these dreams where all a part of the same story being told in different ways. These dreams would stay with me long after I had woken up and I would find myself drifting off into daydreams during the day. After the conversation I’d had with my friend I began researching past life regression.I consider myself an open-minded individual, naturally cautious but driven to challenge my own self imposed obstacles when I can. In day to day life I have my feet firmly on the ground, working as a professional, having studied at a Masters Degree level. It was through academic study that I first became interested in psychology and the theories of Freud and Jung. After studying I moved to Brighton and I had psychotherapy sessions for four years and developed a yoga practice. Through these experiences I had breakthroughs both mentally and physically which challenged what I knew to be real or possible.Until I had the conversation with my friend I was deeply skeptical about hypnotism, thinking of it as a bit old fashioned and to be found more on a theatre stage as a variety act these days than used therapeutically to genuinely benefit people. And then, during my research into past life regression, I came across QHHT.I always loved sci-fi books and movies such as Flash Gordon when I was a kid, and thought this is what I was reading from some of the reports of individuals who had undergone QHHT. Some had spoken to aliens, some to Jesus and others had even claimed to have regressed to a point of primordial bacterial consciousness. To be fair these were the extremes of what I read, many others reported fairly simple experiences which had happened in other places and times. These experiences were described with amazingly clear detail and still seemed to have had a profound impact on the individual. Where all these people making it up? I really wanted to believe not, but to be sure I decided that there was only one way I could find out. I began looking for somebody who could help me have my own QHHT experience and soon found Liz.I emailed Liz, and told her about my dreams and my openness to past life regression. She responded promptly and we arranged to talk on the phone. Liz explained the theory and process of her sessions and told me that QHHT operated by putting me into a relaxed hypnotic state that we naturally enter the moment before we fall asleep and the moment after a dream and before we wake up. We arranged a session for the next week. Liz told me to think about any questions that I may like to find answers to during my QHHT session, anything from the small and personal to the large and universal. She also gave me a sort of mantra to repeat to myself over the coming week. I sat down and began composing my questions.I felt anxious on the day of the session, naturally wondering what I was about to get myself into. But the anxiety soon disappeared when I met Liz. She welcomed me into her space and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. We spoke for a while about who I was, my life story up until that point and any significant events and people that I felt would be relevant to the session. With the initial consultation done I shut my eyes and was led through what I now think of as a breathing exercise and guided meditation. Liz had told me that it would be natural to initially want to fight the hypnosis process and I did find myself several times at the beginning thinking I could open my eyes and snap out of it. But I didn’t. I stayed with Liz’s voice which lead me into what was at first a darkness behind my eyes before a series of visions erupted in my mind.I won’t go too much into the detail of the content of my visions but I will say that there were no aliens. I felt like I was awake in a dream but it differed from a dream in that I felt that the more I looked at something in this dream the more detail would appear. Not only could I see but I could also smell, taste and feel where I was. I had moments where absolute joy that would burst from my chest and overwhelm me, moments of fearful silence as I sat around a burning fire warming my hands and moments which shed profound new understandings of latent questions that I had had since childhood.My session went on for around an hour, so Liz told me, but it felt like minutes. I was gently brought around and found myself back in the room with Liz’s voice calmly speaking to me over the last hour before the session ended. I left with an mp3 of the session, which takes me back to the places I went too on my QHHT session all over again.Four months have passed since my session now and I am still experiencing the benefits directly in my life. I feel like somehow I addressed deep lying issues that I had learnt to live with and got used to. Now all I feel on reflection are their absence through resolution. When I first began reading QHHT testimonials I remember being concerned that I didn’t want to end up sounding completely crazy. Now that I have had my QHHT experience and seeing the benefits of it in all aspects of my life I’m more than happy to recommend sounding crazy and tell anybody else interested to just throw yourself into it. With Liz there to safely guide you, who knows what you will find hidden inside!

Quantum Healing

I went to the session with Liz on Quantum  Healing with an open mind. I have not experienced hypnotherapy before, although trained in NLP and semi-trance work.Words are hard to find to describe what happened in the safe and comforting space held by Liz during our work together. I learnt so much about what was holding me back in the areas I took to explore. Since then there has been a slow and steady change in these areas that were causing me challenges. I am changing thoughts and behaviours resulting in great achievements. This change is subtle and gentle which suits how I generally choose to make any journey of enlightenment. Wonderful.

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