Is QHHT Right For Me? 

Anyone can benefit from a Quantum Healing session. As the Somnambulistic state (Theta Brain Wave state) is a very normal state for us all to enter (twice a day at least!) then anyone is a potential candidate to benefit from this beautiful method and it is an absolute myth that “some people can’t be hypnotised”.

We enter different levels of hypnosis all throughout the day, every day. We are in a light state of hypnosis (sometimes deep!) simply when we are watching the TV!

Hypnotherapy uses this state of focused, relaxed attention to help the client make changes, gain greater understanding, and sometimes even healing too.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, maybe you’re at a cross-roads and not sure which way to go, or if you have long term health / pain conditions – then QHHT could be a wonderful option to help you move forward.

Even if you’re just curious about past lives, then QHHT is a fascinating and really relaxing way to time travel and learn more about yourself and your current life situation.

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