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Stress Relief

“As stress is part of everyday life and having seen how destructive it can be to people if it is not dealt with properly, when I was told that Liz was running an introductory course about stress management, I thought that I had nothing to lose by going along.

I attended the course and was impressed with how quickly Liz made you feel completely at ease and this enabled people to talk more openly during the day. The factual side of the course was superbly put across in a clear and meaningful way which showed that Liz had a very commanding understanding of the subject.

At the end of the day I said I was extremely impressed with the science behind the subject and how it had been put across. Liz suggested I may find the next workshop even more useful as it was a more in depth look at the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach to stress and how to challenge unhelpful thinking, which was all evidence based.

I decided to attend the next course and it was a revelation. There is nobody who would not be able to relate to and learn from the facts and advice that Liz demonstrates, so much so that with what Liz taught me, I can now pretty much negate stress and turn it into pressure which is a much more positive mindset.”

Fantastic Experience

"Such a fantastic experience! I learnt so many useful skills that I have been able to use in my everyday life, it has helped me understand my thought processes and the way I can help myself to manage situations. Liz was a great teacher and explained everything clearly and made the whole day really enjoyable and eye-opening."

Relaxing Day

"It was such a lovely relaxing day. It's really fascinating to learn about stress management and the ways in which I can help myself to feel better. I went home feeling really positive and keen to try the things I'd learnt."

One to One Sessions

"Liz is very good at what she does. She has a great way of helping you to feel really supported and understood, and I always come away from our sessions feeling more positive about my situation and the future. If you need someone to help you to feel better about things, Liz is the person to speak to!"

One to One Sessions

"It was a real relief to finally speak with someone who understood where I was coming from. Liz listens totally without judgement and with total empathy. I felt better straight away - just to say everything aloud that I was feeling was so helpful. Then I started to understand what I needed to do and things felt a lot more manageable."

One to One Sessions

"Liz is a really good listener and helped me to feel better about my situation just by allowing me to talk about things. By the end of the session I felt clearer about what I wanted and what I needed to do in order to start moving forward."

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