5 Ways to Enhance Your Wellbeing 

1) Connect…

Social relationships are critical to our wellbeing. It’s really important to build solid supportive relationships into our lives. Connect with the people around you. At home, work, school or your local community. Even if you don’t go to them for help, knowing they are there can be enough. Plus we need to share our experiences with others. Building these connections will support and enrich you every day. Be honest about how you feel. Open up. Revelation breeds intimacy – if you work hard at connecting with others, they are likely to do the same. 

2) Be Active…

Exercise makes us feel good. It boosts the production of serotonin which in turns increases the amount of positive thoughts we have. It also boosts self esteem and can bring us more into contact with others too.  Exercise has also been shown to increase mood and has been used successfully to lower rates of depression and anxiety. Step outside. Play a game. Dance. Go for a walk or a run. If you feel down, get moving – activity is the best cure for depression.

3) Take Notice…

Savour the moment, whatever it is that you are doing. Use all of your senses. Instead of walking around worrying about the “what ifs” and “if onlys”…. pay attention to what is going on around you – right here, right now. After all, the present moment is all we ever really have. Be curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Remark on the unusual.  Reflecting on your experiences will help you to appreciate what matters to you. Train your mind to stay in the present, rather than flitting between the past and the future all the time.

4) Keep Learning…

Keeping mentally active is important for wellbeing. As is working towards meaningful, personal goals. Try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Learn a new skill or subject or simply try cooking some different. Learning encourages social interaction and increases self-esteem and feelings of competency. Behaviour directed by personal goals to achieve something new has been shown to increase reported life satisfaction. Novelty is important in our lives unless we want to stagnate.

5) Give…

See yourself as part of something bigger. Giving often feels better than receiving, it makes us feel worthwhile and gives us a self esteem boost – as well as increasing our confidence. Do something nice for a friend, or for a stranger. Don’t wait to be asked before doing something to help someone. Thank someone, express gratitude. Smile. Look out, as well as in. Studies in neuroscience have shown that cooperative behaviour activates reward areas of the brain, suggesting we are hard wired to enjoy helping one another.


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