Quick Wins For Wellbeing 
1) Think “calm”

Before you do anything each morning, spend a few minutes doing something relaxing and calming.  A few stretches or yoga poses can work wonders for waking you up gently yet effectively.  We spend so much of our time looking screens, try and resist the urge to check your emails / facebook / text messages when you first get up.  Giving yourself 5 minutes at the start of each day to do something calming and relaxing makes it much easier to return to that space in your head when things get hectic later on.

2) Small changes count

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into some warm water and drink this every morning. Lemon juice makes your body more alkaline, which keeps it healthy and more able to fight off infections.  Lemon juice has also been shown to have mood boosting properties. Doing this at the start of each day is a really easy ritual which feels relaxing and invigorating at the same time, and helps you to make more healthy choices throughout the day.  To give this drink extra health benefits (including anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties) try adding half a teaspoon of turmeric and a dash of black pepper (the pepper helps your body to absorb the turmeric).  Drinking this mixture through a straw is also advised because it is very acidic and you want to protect your tooth enamel.

3) Get outside

Whenever you can.  We can spend so much of our time cooped up in offices, at home, and even doing our exercise indoors.  Just as our bodies haven’t evolved for a bombardment of sounds (which increase cortisol levels) they also haven’t evolved to receive unnatural neon, fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Turn off your vampire vision and give your eyes and brain a break by allowing them to readjust to natural lighting.  According to Harvard’s article on the health benefits of the great outdoors, vitamin D helps fight a plethora of conditions, from cancer to osteoporosis to depression to heart problems, obesity, inflammation and hormonal issues. And the only way to get vitamin D—aside from cancer-causing tanning beds—is to get outdoors.  ‘Screen’ time has become the plague of technology, along with its side effects of poor posture, malaise and obesity, to name but a few. When you trade in ‘screen time’ for outdoor time your mind becomes more active and manual dexterity is increased, along with your creativity and problem-solving skills.

4) Communication

It’s getting easier to do all of our communicating via electronic equipment, and forget to meet up with friends and / or colleagues face to face. We are social creatures and we need to be in the company of people from time to time, in order to feel well.  Skype might be fantastic but it doesn’t quite beat seeing the person live and in the flesh does it?   Instead of emailing a colleague, think about getting up from your desk and going to see them in person for a chat.  Make the effort to meet up with friends in “real time” and not just relying on social media to keep in touch.

5) Adopt “an attitude of gratitude”

Take a few minutes at the end of each day (if you do this in bed it can help you to drop off to sleep very quickly!) to go back over the day and feel grateful for all of the good things that happened.  We can spend so much of our time focussing on what went wrong, we can forgot to notice all the good stuff.  In any day,  no matter how bad it may seem, there will be some positives that came out of it.  Spend a few minutes focussing on these things.  Our in-built “attention bias” means that the more regularly you do this, the easier it becomes to spot the good stuff as it happens throughout the day. So what have you got to lose?!?


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