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 10 Stress Management Tips 

1) Check emails just 3 times a day and not necessarily first thing in the morning.

2) Swap instant coffee for green tea (matcha tea is even better!)

3) Have a bath instead of a shower.

4) Close your eyes – breathe in and breathe out. Do this 9 times as often as you remember.

5) Take a mid-afternoon break every day – then eat an orange – a great anti-dote to mid-afternoon slump.

6) For every waking hour – spend 5 minutes doing something pleasurable.

7) Make a start on the things you are avoiding.  This will free up energy that is being weighed down by the guilt of procrastination.

8) Spend at least 3 hours per week doing an activity you love (this only counts if you could do it without wearing make-up – ie. truly relaxing)

9) Drop the word “should” from your vocabulary.  It actually creates resistance and more stress.

10) Try to focus on the moment you are in, as much as possible. It is the only thing you can really do anything about.


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